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How to Help

Help us help the kids!

Consider some of these:


  • Sponsor Will's Kids to remove barriers, restore hope and revitalize dreams

  • Sponsor a child

  • Sponsor a program, scholarship or campaign

  • Sponsor an event

  • Donate services (legal/marketing/networking/grant writing/accounting/etc.)

  • Donate goods (sporting equipment/furniture/art supplies/cars/etc.)

  • Donate musical instruments or laptops

  • Volunteer your time and/or resources

  • Organize a fundraiser

Get involved!


Sponsor a Kid

Will’s Kids counts on the generous donations of individuals and businesses to continue our mission of inspiration and success. Without your help, we cannot reach our kids in need. 

We subsidize dreams and provide the activities that promote self-esteem, focus, cooperation, dependability, responsibility, discipline, and success. Ignite the passions within America's forgotten talent pool!

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Do a Fundraiser

If your company or organization is planning an event, consider partnering with Will's Kids as your charity beneficiary.  Here's how it works:


  • You designate a percentage of the proceeds of your event to benefit the mission of Will's Kids

  • We help you with marketing, cross-marketing and day-of-event support

  • You gain community service goodwill

  • You help numerous disadvantaged kids

  • Everyone wins!


Volunteer Your Time

Volunteers are vital to the mission of Will’s Kids.  We are only as strong as the community that holds us up. And it takes a village... 


There are many ways you can help! We appreciate every skill, ability, and interest! Join an ongoing committee with others who share your life convictions, or join us periodically for our fundraising events. Whatever time commitment you can make, we have a need for helping hands and open minds. 

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