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Our Mission

Will's Kids fights the negative effects of poverty on our youth, removing financial barriers, restoring hope for a brighter future, and revitalizing dreams through skill and talent development, enabling the potential for higher education and successful adulthood.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to developing human potential and making a difference in the lives of our kids. Our programs empower kids to develop skills and talents and to excel academically, exposing the face of success and the power of dreams!

Our Philosophy

Every child has a fundamental right to win. But not all children have access to the tools and activities that build necessary skill sets . Will's Kids is a portal for education and achievement, paving the way for potential scholarship tracks and brighter futures.


"Because of you, I can now be in band and maybe get a scholarship to go to college. Will’s Kids rocks!" 


"Thank you for the wonderful instruments you gave us, because without them, I couldn't be in band. I hope you can donate more instruments so more kids can come and learn how to be a musician with wonderful talent and show off their skills and grow up to be musicians and get paid a lot of money and show kids the awesome power of a musician."


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