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 About Us_ 

The question we often ask at Will’s Kids is “How many Michael Ohers, how many Mozarts and how many Michelangelos do we leave in the wake of poverty?”  


At Will’s Kids, we believe


even one is too many!

We are a champion for children living in poverty – removing the barriers to their success, restoring hope for their futures, and revitalizing the dreams and passions that will carry them forward.


Built on the premise that the inspiration and encouragement of even one child makes the world at large a better place, Will’s Kids is a portal for education and achievement. Our programs empower kids to develop skills and talents and to excel academically, exposing the face of success and the power of dreams. By providing and subsidizing sports and fine arts activities, we pave the way for potential scholarship tracks and provide pathways out of poverty. 

So what is Will’s Kids?

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